Robotic Workshop (Putonghua)

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Sessions: Robotic Workshop
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Taught by Dr. Wu (Doctorate in Science, Beijing University).  Our workshop uses LEGO EV3 or SPIKE PRIME to make robots.  Throughout this exciting and educational course, student will learn how to build and code to drive robots using block-based visual programming language or python.  The workshop will be conducted in Putonghua, course’s PPT materials are in English.

Course content:

  1. Robot movements, and Gyro Sensor controlled precise movements,
  2. Interesting obstacle avoidance,
  3. Robot navigation,
  4. Line following,
  5. Detect, collect, deliver and grab objects using different attachments.

Lesson features:

  1. Extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animations.
  2. Detailed instructions for building your robot,
  3. Step-by-step programming guide for your robot,
  4. Prepare for famous worldwide robot competition,

Robots will be provided and each set will be shared between 2 students.  Students will have to bring their own laptop or IPAD.  Coming to our workshop to enjoy robots even if you have never programmed, or built robots before.

Price: $3200 

No. of Classes: 8

Time & Date: 

6 Aug  10:00-11:30am  Sat
7 Aug  1:30-3:00pm   Sun
13 Aug 10:00-11:30am  Sat.
14 Aug 1:30-3:00pm  Sun
20 Aug  10:00-11:30am  Sat
21 Aug  1:30-3:00pm  Sun.
27 Aug 10:00-11:30am  Sat
28 Aug  1:30-3:00pm  Sun

Age: 8-13

Language: Putonghua

Minimum number of students to start course: 6
Location: 13/F, Pak Lok Commercial Building, No. 180 Tung Lo Wan Road

 If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Whatsapp: 61006765 / Email:

About World Robot Olympiad

World Robot Olympiad Association™ is an independent non-profit organization. All revenue from sponsorships and fees is invested in support of our mission, which is to promote robotics in STEM education worldwide.


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