Science Adventures 3-Day Camp (Ages 5 – 12)

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Camp: Camp 1 - FPF
Sale priceHK$2,820.00


Fun & Exciting Camp Topics:

Fabulous Physics Fun (FPF) - Available at Camp 1 & 4
Fabulous Physics Fun is an exciting adventure into the world of motion and energy - a journey into the world of physics! Build a Crazy Crawler, a tracked, all-terrain vehicle. The children learn that physics is the science that underlies motion and energy as they begin their exploration of Newton's Laws of Motion. They'll get hands-on with circuits, and simple machines as we discover what makes things move.


Space & Rocketry (S&R) - Available at Camp 2 & 3

Build and Launch Gizmo’s Hydro-Rocket!

Get pumped up for some space exploration! Join Gizmo to build his brand new, state of the art hydro-rocket.  Using the power of air pressure and water, launch your very own rocket over 100 feet into the air.  Bring a bottle from home to design and launch a personalized rocket.  Then take a trip around the universe by building a light-up solar system and a model about the stars in our universe.


Audience: For Ages 5 – 12

Number of Participants: 6 students

Price:  HKD 2,820 per camp per student

Format: In-person


Course Date: 

Camp 1 - FPF

Date: Apr 3 - 4, 6

Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm

Camp fee: $2,820

Camp 2 - S&R

Date: Apr 3 - 4, 6

Time: 3:00 - 5:30pm

Camp fee: $2,820

Camp 3 - S&R

Date: Apr 11 - 13

Time: 12:00 - 2:30pm

Camp fee: $2,820

Camp 4 - FPF

Date: Apr 11 - 13

Time: 3:00 - 5:30pm

Camp fee: $2,820


About ActiveKids:

Since 2004, ActiveKids has been specializing in delivering leading-edge fun and educational programs to children of ages 3 - 18 in Hong Kong. We have established a strong track record with over 60+ schools and clubs, and a growing participants list. We strongly believe that our highly interactive and engaging supplementary activities are truly worthwhile and beneficial to the development of children.

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