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Session: (8 -10kids QTY≥ 8) $275 / Each
Sale priceHK$275.00


Curiosity Kids offers science themed party packages for children age 3 - 10 years old! Hands-on activities are tailored to the appropriate age range and include all the right fun science equipment and materials including test tubes and more! each child will perform every experiment making it a truly interactive and engaging party!

Each child is unique and at curiosity kids, each party is unique too!

pick your own combination of 2-3 activities to build a custom 1-hour session.

Choose your party's activities

  • Ultimate Slime
  • Volcano Explosions
  • Bath Bomb Bonanza
  • Personalised Perfume
  • Create Your Own Potions
  • Party can be personalised on request.

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 Date:Book the schedule 7-10 days in advance, subject to availability

Prices(1 hour session ,Get the quote for tailor-make):

  • $275 - 8 -10kids
  • $250 -11–20kids
  • $220 - 21–30kids
  • $180 - 30+ kids

Transportation charge extra HKD 600
Age: 3+
Place: custom location
Please note the minimum is $2800

About Curiosity Kids

Curiosity Kids offers practical and fun filled science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring!


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