Science trial class - Biology, chemistry, physics

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Time: 1-3PM
Date: Mon (Cyberport)
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In one of the many trial lessons, students were introduced to density in physics and made their own liquid density rainbow tower using different solution with different densities. They learn that like liquids different solids and different gases too have different densities. In biology, Students learns Characteristics of living organisms. Students learned the seven characteristics of living organisms using the acronym, ‘MRS GREN’, including definitions of each of them. Then Students explored samples or organisms using the microscope. They learn about microscope very well and see many animal and plant slides under microscope. In chemistry, Students was taught some basic changes of states of matter. Water and ice were used as examples. Students see minimum 6 to 12 experiments related to dry ice. They have immense fun experimenting with ‘dry ice’ and learned the chemical formula for carbon dioxide, water oxygen and more. They learn all about DRY Ice including its freezing point and functions. In some of the trial lesson we include Sterling’s engine, Elephant’s toothpaste, 5 vital organs, and many other fun learning activities and experiments Scientific terminologies drilled throughout the trial class, so Students was able to recall some of them later when


Price: HKD$1998/2 hours

Time: 10AM-12PM,1-3PM,2-4PM,3-5PM,4-6PM,5-7PM

Date: Monday, TuesdayWednesday, ThursdayFriday, Saturday / every week



  • Cyberport Shop 406, Level 4, The Arcade, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.
  • 10 Somerset Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

Please book the class 3 days in advance.

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