Storytelling through AI - Eon Expedition (ChatGPT) (Ages 11-14)

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Date: Oct 2-6
Sale priceHK$3,000.00


Subject: Storytelling, Creative Writing, CHATGPT

Date: Oct 2-6, Oct 9-13, Oct 16-20, Oct 23-27

Time: 14:00-15:30

Price: HKD$3000

Location: Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

"Transport yourself into the fascinating realm of time, choices, and AI with our ChatGPT assisted creative writing program, Eon Expedition! Students will navigate complex plots, create compelling characters, and master the art of meaningful decision-making. This program will expose them to a choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling. It is a comprehensive skill-building experience that enhances critical thinking and creativity, nurtures linguistic proficiency, and introduces students to the exciting world of AI and its applications in storytelling.

Remark: Students will be required to bring along their own computer / iPad / mobile device to participate in class and use the AI tools. "

"通過我們的 ChatGPT 輔助創意寫作課程《星際遠征》,將自己帶入時間、選擇和人工智能的迷人領域,去進行冒險之旅! 學生們將創作複雜的情節,創造引人注目的角色,並掌握有意義的決策的藝術。該課程主要是讓他們接觸到一種做出自我選擇的冒險故事的方式,培養學生們的全面技能,更可以增強批判性思維和創作力、培養英語語言能力,並向學生介紹令人興奮的人工智能世界及如何在寫作故事中的應用它。

備注:學生須攜帶自己的電腦/iPad/手提設備去參與課堂並將會使用AI工具。 "

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