The Burning Portal (Ages 8-9)

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Subject: English creative storytelling, Descriptive writing, Strategy and Collaboration

Date: July 31 - August 1

Time: 13:00-14:30

Price: HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 

Location: DSC International School - 5–7 Tai Fung Ave, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

The Crystals of Power calls for adventurers! Are you ready to uncover the secrets of the magical world of Luden? Join us in the premier episode of Press Start Academy’s roleplaying narrative multiverse ages 8 to 11, as our Game Master TC guides you through a series of adventures through the mystical town of Orrinshire and its hidden secrets within its labyrinthine mines. Using a unique gaming system, you will be developing your own characters and journey through pen, paper, dice and your imagination. Your actions and choices will help shape the story of the Burning Portal through collaborating with your classmates, navigating challenges, solving problems and defeating powerful monsters that stand in your way in this fantastical world of Luden. This five-part adventure is designed to develop creative storytelling, strategic thinking and collaborative decision-making, with an additional focus on developing descriptive writing skills, specifically the use of sensory details and basic figurative language. For every class, you will be tasked with chronicling your adventures by describing scenarios and characters that you encounter, by utilizing and practicing the writing skills you’ve learned. See you soon, adventurer!

力量之石正在召喚探險家!你準備好揭開盧登魔法世界的秘密了嗎? 加入我們的角色扮演、演繹敘事性的多元宇宙的劇本,我們的遊戲大師 TC 將帶領你完成一系列探險,穿越神秘的奧林郡小鎮及探索其迷宮般的礦井中隱藏的秘密。 在我們獨有的遊戲系統下,你能夠建立自己專屬的角色,並與筆、紙、骰子一齊,用你的想像力開啟這個旅程。與你的同學合作,你們將一起迎接挑戰,解決問題,並擊敗在這個夢幻般的盧登魔法世界中阻礙你前進的強大怪物。你的每個決定將會塑造「燃燒之門」的故事。 探險家們,你們準備好勇闖「燃燒之門」了嗎? 這個課程旨在培養學生的創造性故事敘述能力、策略性思考能力和協作性決策能力,並特別培養他們的描述性寫作技巧,尤其是感官細節和基本比喻語言的使用。在每一堂課,學生都通過描述遇到的場景和角色,運用和練習所學到的寫作技巧來記錄他們的​​探險經歷。


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