The Dragon's Breath (Ages 6-8)

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Subject: English Vocabulary, Descriptive writing and Storytelling

Date: July 24-28

Time: 09:30-10:45

Price: HKD$2250 ($360/hour) 

Location: Press Start Academy - Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Something stirs beneath the mountains of Orrinshire, and the Lord of Orrinshire is calling for adventurers! Are you ready to explore the town and its mountains to uncover its long-buried mysteries? Join us in Press Start Academy’s intensive online roleplaying narrative adventure this Spring for ages 8-11, as our Game Master guides you through a series of adventures through the sleepy town of Orrinshire and the hidden secrets within the long-abandoned Horntail Mines! Using a unique gaming system, you will be undergoing this narrative journey while collaborating with your classmates, interacting with other characters and defeating powerful monsters that stand in your way to complete an epic quest to help the townspeople of Orrinshire! This adventure is designed to develop creative storytelling, strategic thinking and collaborative decision-making skills, with an additional focus on developing descriptive writing vocabulary, with a specific focus on differentiating and applying different word forms to create compelling descriptions. For every class, you will be tasked with chronicling your adventures by describing scenarios and characters that you encounter, by utilizing and practicing the writing skills you’ve learned. See you soon, adventurer!

好像有些東西在奧林郡小鎮蠢蠢欲動,奧林郡勳爵正在召喚探險家!你準備好探索這座小鎮和它的群山,揭開它埋藏已久的神秘面紗了嗎? 現在邀請你和我們一齊參加密集的敘事性角色扮演的探險活動!我們的遊戲大師將會帶你進行一系列探險活動,包括穿越沉睡的奧林郡小鎮和發現長期廢棄的蜂尾礦中隱藏的秘密! 在我們獨有的遊戲系統下,你可以享受一趟敘事之旅。期間,你將會與你的同伴合作、與其他角色互動並合作擊敗強大的怪物。在完成史詩任務之後,你就能成功幫助奧林郡小鎮的市民了! 探險家們,準備出發吧! 這個課程旨在提升學生的創造性故事敘述能力、策略性思考能力和協作性決策能力。除此之外,學生會學習描述性寫作相關的詞彙,特別是能區分以及能應用單詞的不同形式寫出準確的描述句子。在每一堂課,學生需要通過描述所遇到的場景和角色,並運用在課堂上學到的寫作技巧來記錄​​學生的探探險經歷。

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