The Eye of Pyramid (Ages 6-8)

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Subject: English creative writing and storytelling, strategy and teamwork

Date: Aug 7-11

Time: 09:30-10:45

Price: HKD$2250 ($360/hour) 

Location: Press Start Academy - Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Many have tried but all have failed to venture to the deepest parts of the Pyramids of Har. Will you be the one to uncover its mysteries…or another name forgotten to history? Put on your adventure boots and bring along your parchment paper because we’ll be going on a journey through the Pyramids! In an adventure helmed by our Game Master for ages 6 – 8, you will go through puzzles and trials in search for treasures hidden within. Together with our Quest Pack and combined wits, you will help uncover the secrets within the Pyramids of Har. Many challenges await our journey, with some interesting companions to help us along the way. This program is designed to develop English creative writing skills with a focus on basic vocabulary relating to the environment and encounters faced along the way. Word games and puzzles will be sprinkled throughout as well as many opportunities to practise their spoken English! We are waiting for you, adventurers!

歷史上曾有無數探險家前來挑戰,但都未能冒險進入哈氏金字塔的最深處。你會成為第一位成功解迷的探險家……還是被掩埋在歷史的滾滾長河裏? 穿上你的冒險靴、帶上你的羊皮紙,讓我們踏上穿越金字塔的旅程!我們的遊戲大師將會掌舵,帶領6-8歲的孩子通過謎題和考驗來尋找隱藏其中的寶藏。 你將會運用任務包和你的智慧,幫助揭開哈氏金字塔中的秘密。旅程中還會有夥伴幫助我們面對不同的挑戰! 這個課程旨在培養學生的英語創意寫作技能,專注於與環境描寫和描述旅途中困境的的詞彙。課程中加插了許多字母遊戲和謎題,還有許多讓學生練習英語口語的機會! 探險家們,我們等著你!

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