The Prince of Har (Ages 8-14)

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Date: Jul 3-7 (13:00 - 14:30) (Ages 8-11) - Central
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Subject:  English and AI, Image creation with Midjourney, Creative Writing


1. Jul 3-7 (13:00 - 14:30) (Ages 8-11) - HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

2. Jul 10-14 (15:30-17:30) (Ages 11-14) - HKD$4000 ($400/hour)
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

3. Aug 7-11 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11) - HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

4. Aug 14-18 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11)- HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

5.  Jul 17-21 (09:30-11:30) (Ages 11-14) - HKD$4000 ($400/hour)
Location: Kowloon Bay

6. Jul 10-14 (09:30-11:00) (Ages 8-11) - HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Kowloon Bay

7. Aug 7-11 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11) - HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Kowloon Bay

8. Aug 14-18 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11) - HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 
Location: Kowloon Bay

Escort a young prince on his sacred pilgrimage with powerful tools and allies! Join our Game Master in another adventure in PSA’s roleplaying narrative universe Luden for children ages 8-11. Students will be aiding a young prince in his search for divine treasure across the deserts of Har into the Galicia forests. Armed with a magical tablet, you will be overcoming obstacles by generating AI images which manifest into usable tools in the story. Whether it is crossing broken bridges, surviving raging sandstorms or defeating ancient monsters, how you triumph in these scenarios is only limited by your imagination! This program is designed to develop AI image generation skills on MidJourney with a focus on descriptive and creative writing skills, elements of art and strategic thinking. Students will be tasked with describing the items they generate, writing about how they overcome peculiar scenarios, as well as generate an AI image from their story. The desert awaits adventurers!

用強大的工具和盟友護送一位年輕的王子踏上神聖的朝聖之路! 加入我們的遊戲大師,在 PSA 的角色扮演敘事世界 Luden 中為 8-11 歲的兒童進行另一次冒險。學生們將幫助一位年輕的王子穿越哈爾沙漠進入加利卡森林尋找神聖的寶藏。 借助神奇的平板電腦,您將通過生成 AI 圖像來克服障礙,這些圖像會在故事中體現為可用的工具。無論是穿越斷橋,還是在肆虐的沙塵暴中求生,還是打敗遠古怪物,你如何在這些場景中取勝,只限於你的想像! 該計劃旨在培養 MidJourney 上的 AI 圖像生成技能,重點是描述性和創造性寫作技能、藝術元素和戰略思維。學生的任務是描述他們生成的項目,寫下他們如何克服特殊場景,以及從他們的故事中生成 AI 圖像。 沙漠等待著冒險者!


Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Other Locations:
Kowloon Bay: 26/F, Tower 1, Enterprise Square 5, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay

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