The Throne of Storms (Ages 10-11)

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Subject: English, Character descriptions, Strategy and Collaboration

Date: July 17-21

Time: 13:00-14:30

Price: HKD$2850 ($380/hour)

Location: 5–7 Tai Fung Ave, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

A vicious vortex threatens to engulf the continent of Luden! Are you ready to answer the call for help and brave the storms to save the people? Join our Game Master in a brand new episode of Press Start Academy’s roleplaying narrative multiverse for children ages 10 to 11. In this episode, students will be traversing through the perilous peaks of Eagleroost to quell a wicked magical storm that may spell the doom of Luden if left unchecked. Using a gaming system inspired by popular tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), you will be developing your own characters and journey online through digital quest journals, narrative interfaces, and of course, your imagination. Your actions and choices will help shape the story of the Throne of Storms through collaborating with your classmates, navigating challenges, solving problems and defeating powerful monsters that stand in your way. This five-part adventure is designed to develop creative storytelling, strategic thinking and collaborative decision-making. Our writing focus will be on developing descriptive writing skills, particularly character description and techniques to effectively build atmosphere and mood. Students will be tasked with chronicling their adventure by describing scenarios and characters they’ve encountered that day by utilizing and practising the writing skills they learn. See you soon, adventurers!

一股兇惡的漩渦將要吞沒盧登魔法世界!你準備好勇敢面對風暴,回應呼救聲並拯救人民了嗎? 現邀請你參與我們為 11 至 14 歲兒童打造的全新角色扮演、演繹敘事性的多元宇宙,與遊戲大師 TC 携手穿梭危險的鷹巢山峰,去平息一場魔幻的風暴。如果不加以控制,盧登魔法世界可能會面臨毀滅! 我們的遊戲系統受「龍與地下城」 (Dungeons & Dragons) 等流行桌面角色扮演遊戲所啟發,讓你有機會在探險日誌和敘事界面的幫助之下,當然還要運用你的想像力,創建自己的角色和旅程。你的每一個行動和選擇將會影響「風暴之王 」的故事走向,期間你需要和你的同伴合作,接受不同的挑戰,解決一些難題並擊敗阻礙你前進的強大怪物。 探險家們,準備出發啦! 這個課程旨在提升學生的創造性故事敘述能力、策略性思考能力和協作性決策能力。而我們的寫作培訓重點在於提升學生的描述性寫作技巧,特別是人物描述和有效營造氛圍和情緒的技巧。在課堂上,學生需要運用他們學到的寫作技巧來描述當天的探險經歷,包括他們遇到的場景和角色,藉此練習和鞏固他們課堂上所學的寫作技巧。

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