Trial By Fire (Ages 8-11)

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Subject: English, Analytical skills, Argumentative writing and oral presentation

Date: July 10-14

Time: 13:00-14:30

Price: HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 

Location: Press Start Academy - Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

In the far off town of Blindport, a trial to determine the fate of a witch is taking place. One of the jurors, Doc Soc, is calling for foreign adventurers to bring fresh pairs of eyes to this divisive case. A witch has been accused of several crimes, but she doesn’t seem to remember committing them… Are you ready to explore the town and uncover the truth? With your quest packs, sharp eyes, and even sharper wits, you will be interacting with a plethora of characters and engaging your classmates in discussions to sway the balance of the trial. You must bring justice to Blindport’s trial and bravely present your case! This adventure is designed to develop analytical skills, collaborative decision-making skills, with a strong focus on argumentative writing and oral clarity in presentation. For each class, you will spend time collecting and chronicling evidence as you explore the town of Blindport, uncovering the witch’s mysterious past deeds. At the end of the programme, students will present their case to the jury and argue persuasively for their stance, influencing the outcome of the trial. The fate of Blindport is in your capable hands! See you soon, new tribunals! 

在遙遠的盲港鎮,一場附爭議性的案件正接受審判,而陪審團成員索克博士正在邀請境外冒險家關注及幫忙。一個女巫被指犯了多項罪行,但她似乎不記得自己犯過這些罪行……你準備好探索這個小鎮並揭開真相了嗎? 帶著你的任務包、敏銳的眼睛和更敏銳的智慧,你將與大量人物互動,並與你的同學討論,以影響判決。你必須在盲港鎮的審判中伸張正義,勇敢地陳述你對案件的看法。 這次冒險旨在培養學生的分析能力、協作決策能力,注重於論證寫作和口頭表達的清晰度。 每個課堂,你將收集和記錄證據,同時探索小鎮,揭開女巫過去神秘的事蹟。最後,你將向陪審團陳述你的觀點,並有說服力地論證立場,影響審判的結果。盲港鎮的命運在你們的手中! 審判員們,你們準備好了嗎?

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