Whizpa eBook#7: Effective Ways to Help Kids Deal with Exam Stress

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We all know that how competitive Hong Kong education system is. As parents, how can we help our kids deal with pressure if they are suffer from academic stress? What are the effective ways to beat stress to perform well on exams? Read more to find out what our experts' advice is!

- Are your children suffering from exam stress? Are you looking for ways to help them deal with academic pressure?
- As parents, how can we support our children during the intense exam period?
- Insufficient sleep may affect performance on exam. What's the right amount of sleep to avoid this problem?
- The causes of exam stress may come from parents. How should parents set realistic expectation on kids?

Top tips from:

  • ActiveKids HK
  • NTK Academic Group
  • OWN Academy
  • Shirley Whing & Fine Voices
  • Singapore International School
  • Wisdom Training and Consulting Services

*This ebook is only available in English.

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