Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp (Ages 14-17)

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Date: Oct 2-6
Sale priceHK$3,300.00


Subject:  Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Public Speaking, Business

Date: Oct 2-6, Oct 9-13, Oct 16-20, Oct 23-27

Time: 16:00-17:30

Price: HKD$3300

Location: Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

"The Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is designed for students to delve into the world of entrepreneurship, crafting their own business ideas and plans. Students will use the card game “Divergence” from Press Start Academy and actively incorporate design thinking principles to identify target users, design innovative solutions, create prototypes, and refine their elevator pitch for our Dragon's Den event. Prepare your child for success in today's business landscape through Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, a unique educational journey fostering creativity, critical thinking, and business acumen."

"少年創業家訓練營旨在讓學生深入創業世界,制定自己的商業願景和計劃。 學生將使用 Press Start Academy 的紙牌遊戲“Divergence”,融會貫通設計思維原則,以識別目標用戶,設計創新的解法,創建方案原型,並做出最終的宣傳展示。 通過少年創業家訓練營,您的孩子將為當今的商業環境中做好準備。這是一次培養創造力、批判性思維和商業頭腦的獨特學習之旅。"

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